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Implement proper recovery to thrive in performance

Recovery is key to whole body fitness. As an integral part of the Maddox Method, we place an emphasis on implementing proper recovery so that your body can be efficient in your workouts. The only way to sustain high intensity over a long period of time is to factor in ideal recovery at the right time and in the right way. In addition to muscle recovery tips and do-it-yourself techniques, we also provide access to the latest technology utilized by top athletes and fitness enthusiasts to enhance their performance. 


03-1 Accountability

Accountability with recovery means always providing the body with the means to recover and prepare for the next workout. We help keep you accountable and consistent because the body requires proper rest and recuperation in order to gain strength and hit your fitness goals. 

Recovery Solutions

Cryotherapy to Replenish & Recover

How it Works

Cryotherapy engages the body's vasoconstriction and vasodilation response to increase blood-flow and rapidly supply endorphins, oxygen, and beneficial nutrients to muscles, ligaments, tendons, and soft tissue. It is a must-do for athletes and everybody working out if you want to improve performance and stimulate recovery on a whole new level. 


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Photobiomodulation (PBM) Bed

Speed recovery and healing

The PBM Bed is a full body bed that looks very similar to a tanning bed, but with no tanning.  You lay in the bed with the most skin as possible exposed (either in your underwear or nude) for 25-30 minutes.  You will wear eye protection while laying in the bed.  

PBM describes the use of red or near-infrared light to stimulate, heal, regenerate, and protect tissue that has either been injured, is degenerating, or else is at risk of dying.


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Recovery Powered By Technology

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