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CrossFit X-treme Athletics offers many programs to help you reach your fitness goals no matter your level of skill. Whether you are an athlete looking to improve your results, or you are just looking to improve your overall fitness and quality of life, we can work magic to help you get there. You can sign up for the Maddox Method online, or get a gym membership for access to training programs and live coaching.


Maddox Method Online Programming

Learn About the Maddox Method

Base Program



The Base Program focuses on General Physical Preparedness (GPP) and includes disciplines around developing strength, along with an accessory in the form of  gymnastics or gross conditioning.

$34.99 /mo

$378 /yr prepaid



Competitor Program

Competitor Program.jpg


Competitor Program workouts are designed to develop GPP and strength, and include an accessory. Additionally, subscribers will utilize gymnastics and olympic weight lifting along with mobility and stability and workouts to build endurance

$64.99 /mo

$702 /yr prepaid



Masters CrossFit Program

Masters Program.jpg


Our Masters program is designed for those 35 and older who are looking to improve or maintain their longevity, focusing on GPP as well as strength. Other disciplines include gymnastics and gross conditioning. Key to longevity and avoiding injury is mobility and stability. We will also push participants to build endurance

$44.99 /mo

$486 /yr prepaid



X-body Build Program



The X-Body Build program will help you get results without burn out. Classic Weightlifting and strength training are key components as well as an emphasis on hypertrophy and cardiovascular conditioning. This program avoids high intensity all the time and builds in active recovery days to keep you moving forward.

$34.99 /mo

$378 /yr prepaid



X-Body Shape Program

X-Body Shape.jpg


Our X-Body Shape program uses bootcamp style circuit training and HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) to help you target specific muscle groups. It is a body sculpting program that will focus on specific aspects of your physique to help you look and feel your best. It can help with a focus on fat burning and tone and firm.

$34.99 /mo

$378 /yr prepaid



Gym Memberships

Access to every discipline and live coaching at our gym location 

Unlimited Plan Monthly

Live gym

All programs

Beyond the Whiteboard

$299 /mo

*$230 /mo full time student, teacher or military

Unlimited Plan Annual

Live gym

All programs

Beyond the Whiteboard

$2,100 /yr

Breaks down to $175 /mo with prepay

Or Starter Plan for 3 days per week at $225 /mo

**does not include access to Beyond the Whiteboard

Training in every technique, plus you get a full gym

Workouts and classes for all levels

Our gym classes and workouts are designed to be engaging for all levels of athletes and fitness participants. We help athletes in their prime, and we offer Masters programs and classes. Additionally, we provide a youth program to instill principles of hard work and growth.

  • Awesome gym environment
  • Fun and engaging coaches
  • Hands on training and motivation

Youth Program

Athlete development

Hands on teaching

Principles of CrossFit

$150 /mo


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If you're ready to improve your overall quality of life with a proven fitness program designed for results, then the Maddox Method is right for you. You can either join our gym, and subscribe to our online workouts to help get you into the routine that can help you reach your fitness goals

  • Proven method for all levels
  • Convenient online and live gym workouts 
  • Experienced coaches who prioritize you
The Maddox Method program has helped me improve every area of physical preparedness. After 6 weeks of working out, I am in the best shape of my life! The accountability and ease of accessing online workouts has really helped me improve consistency.