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Olympic Weightlifting

Master the technique, positioning, and movement for olympic lifts and improve overall fitness. 

Develop efficiency and capacity

A significant component of fitness, Olympic Weightlifting can be an important asset to your fitness arsenal. The clean and jerk, and the snatch are some of the most explosive and dynamic exercises you see in fitness. These lifts along with many others, are technical and take many repetitions to master.

The Maddox Method focuses on maintaining proper positioning, technique, and movement. Additionally, there is a focus on barbell cycling rate to develop efficiency and the capacity to handle high-volume repetitions. If you are looking to improve your Olympic lifts, make sure you sign up for our Olympic Weightlifting program.

  • 5 days/week
  • All skill levels
  • Moderate to high volume
  • 60-90+ minutes in duration 
The Maddox Method program has helped me improve every area of physical preparedness. After 6 weeks of working out, I am in the best shape of my life! The accountability and ease of accessing online workouts has really helped me improve consistency.