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No matter what you do in the gym, you’re not going to go anywhere if you do not maintain balanced nutrition. That’s why the Maddox Method doesn’t just focus on training and workout programming, but also offers customized nutrition guidance to help you optimize the food you eat. We need to put the right kind of fuel into the body to get the desired results we want, from weight loss to gaining muscle mass.


The Maddox Method utilizes our precise Body Composition measurement and tracking technology to keep you informed and provide the right recommendations for your optimal diet and nutrition needs. We keep you motivated with time-based and group oriented nutritional challenges designed to get results. Our expert nutrition counselors know how to balance diet and exercise to help you reach your goals when it comes to sports and fitness performance. We’ll help you create the best version of you and live a well-balanced life.


04 Accountability

Staying accountable to your nutrition goals is absolutely essential. Both your coaches and your community at CrossFit X-treme Athletics help to keep you focused on your goals so you can gain X-treme results both in fitness and in healthy living.

Maddox Method Nutrition Challenges


Be In the Know with INBODY 270

Get results with precise body composition measurements

Using our InBody 270 body composition scale, we are able to assess your distinct physical characteristics pertaining to diet that we can influence with proper nutrition. Our trainers can work with you to design meal plans and caloric intake benchmarks to help you achieve more precise fitness goals. We’ll help you target optimal levels of muscle mass and percent body fat to live a more healthy lifestyle and target your goals.


Quickly determine your body composition

The InBody 270 analyzes water, muscle mass and fat mass in five body segments (in under a minute) to provide a more precise muscle-fat and fluid balance. This can be used to help distinguish between muscle and fat loss which helps you get a more complete picture of your success with our program. We utilize the best technology to help you understand how you are reaching your goals.

Get precise measurements, not just estimations

Most people can get measurements like Basal Metabolic Rate using calculations found online. But these metrics are usually subjective and based on general estimations using height, weight, and activity level. InBody 270 provides a direct measure based off your exact amount of lean body mass. Understanding your lean mass enables you to follow more precise dietary programming that gets results.


Track changes over time

Having access to the InBody 270 scale allows you to monitor the effectiveness of your nutrition program. We can help you assess the impact of your training as well as how your overall diet contributes to your goals. Monitoring your success over time keeps you motivated and gives you insight into how to better align what you do outside the gym with what goes on when you’re there.

Frequently Asked Questions About INBODY 270

What are the benefits of using the InBody 270 scale?
  • Provides an accurate representation of Basal Metabolic Rate base on lean body mass
  • Track and maintain ideal body composition
  • Set effective weight loss goals
  • Track progress better to ensure progress and caloric intake is correct
  • Monitor changes of fat and muscle with muscle-fat analysis
  • Determine if changes in diet need to be made to prevent decreases in performance
  • Promote optimal recovery with a nutrition plan
  • No empirical estimations like most BMR calculations
  • Specific and precise
How does it work?
In less than 60 seconds, the InBody Test provides easy-to-understand, accurate and objective measurements to evaluate current body composition as well as monitor success of dietary interventions.
What does the scale do?
  • Determines baseline body composition that pertains to diet
  • Assesses Basal Metabolic Rate to create more targeted and effective nutrition programs
  • Tracks changes over time to ensure progress and success
How can I find out more information?

For more information on the InBody 270 scale, and benefits from using it to track your body composition, visit InBody USA

Get expert guidance from professional sports nutritionists

Neal Maddox has been helping people live a balanced life for more than twenty years. From fitness enthusiasts and masters level participants to CrossFit games competitors and professional athletes, he knows what it takes to get results in fitness and nutrition programming Neal and his wife, Tracy, love to help people achieve things they never thought they were capable of. By applying principles of optimal metabolic consumption, they are able to provide a more dynamic health and fitness program that takes into account all of the variables that lead to success in body conditioning. Their goal is to help create the best version of you.  


Neal Maddox

Owner & Coach/Nutrition Expert


Tracy Creal

Coach & Nutrition Counselor

What others are saying

"Out of all the programs I have tried, the Maddox Method has by far the best meal planning, and it includes simpler weighing and measuring that I was able to learn easily. I have enjoyed having a team of people whom I now call friends sharing recipes, encouraging each other, and keeping it competitive (fun)."

– Kristin Anderson

"The Maddox Method 12-week challenge completely changed my food consuming lifestyle. I thought I knew what it meant to eat healthy, but this took it to the next level and it wasn't just about calorie counting. Additionally, I've noticed that my energy levels are generally higher than before!"

– Lili Hua

"Today, weighing in at 155 lbs., I am proud to say that I am 40 pounds lighter and feeling 100% stronger than ever. I would like to make a big thanks to Tracy and Neal for being the best coaches - seriously! Thanks for correcting my form, helping me break my unhealthy habits, guiding me along the way, and for making sure one way or another that I’m showing up and making every rep count."

– Maryanne Cabelin

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The Maddox Method Fitness Pyramid

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