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Look and feel your best with a balanced workout plan

As the rigors of maintaining your work-life balance settle in, it can be easy to ignore what your body needs. But sooner or later you find the need to pay more attention to your health and fitness. Maybe you need to exercise your functional mechanics more, or maybe your posture needs to be straightened out. We all have a million and one reasons to get into a better workout routine. What will it take for you to step into your best quality of life?   

Developed over 20 years of Neal Maddox's coaching and competitive experience, the Maddox Method is designed to help you gain results effectively and safely. We all know the dangers of over-stressing the body with more work than it can handle. The Masters program is specifically geared to preserve your health and prevent injury while helping to fight off age and improve strength and flexibility.  


Stretching, taking care of the body, and mobility are some of the biggest keys to preventing injury and maintaining longevity

Training with a Time Friendly Schedule

The Maddox Method can be adapted to your schedule. Whether you come into the gym or access online workouts, you can stay motivated with a program designed for you. Improve your mechanics with detailed instructional videos or receive live training from our experienced and helpful coaching staff. 


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Convenient Program to Develop Your Fitness

Our Master's program is designed to fit your lifestyle. If it's more convenient for you to access online workouts, you will still be challenged and part of a fitness community. Log in to your account to track the leader board and and to facility communication with your coaches.

  • Easy to use workout app
  • Safe, effective and challenging program for Masters
  • Online workout community and leaderboard 

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