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Marc Pro

What is Marc Pro?

Marc Pro is a cutting-edge electronic muscle stimulation devices that helps muscles recover faster and reduces pain, allowing professional and everyday athletes to perform and feel their best. The patented technology takes active recovery to the next level with non-fatiguing muscle activation, flushing out waste and delivering nourishment to any target area with ease. This is the foundation of recovery, conditioning, and feeling your best. 

Why Recovery Matters

Whether you’re a professional athlete or just staying in shape, you might be doing more than your body can handle. You may or may not actually feel sore, but you’re likely starting each day with a recovery deficit. When you’re not fresh you don’t feel like yourself, your performance suffers, and you increase the chance of injury.  

It’s also important to realize that during strenuous exercise or activity muscles are breaking down, not getting stronger. It’s during the recovery phase that muscle builds and strength gains happen. If you’re training more than a few days a week, you’re likely not fully recovering, and therefore not getting the most out of each workout.  


How Marc Pro Helps

No matter your sport or activity; performing better is always more fun. A relaxing 30-60 minute session with Marc Pro several times per week allows you to perform better in several different ways.  

Being fresh means you maintain proper biomechanics and perform at your best. Research shows that adding Marc Pro sessions after training improves your gains by allowing the recovery and adaptation cycle to more fully complete. Recovering faster can allow you to train more often or harder if you choose to do so. Research shows that regularly using Marc Pro results in improved vascularity in the targeted region. These more conditioned muscles are able to do more work and last longer before they break down.  

Effective Exercise-Related Pain Relief

Most athletes will get all the benefits they need from the standard Marc Pro, but some have higher levels of pain and soreness and need more than muscle recovery. That pain and persistent soreness can hold you back from living an active lifestyle, and can keep you from doing the things you love. Instead of turning to the common over-the-counter medications, Marc Pro provides effective, drug-free pain relief.

Marc Pro Plus has all of the features and benefits of the Marc Pro with additional high frequency modes for exercise-related pain relief. A 39-60 minute session can provide hours of pain relief allowing you to get back to the sort of activities you enjoy most. Put Marc Pro Plus to the test; you’ll be thrilled with the results. 


Prevent Overuse Injury

Overuse of muscles is the leading cause of injury and pain. In reality, “over-used” is really the same as “under-recovered”. By using Marc Pro to recover quicker and more fully, you can help prevent overuse injuries without compromising your training schedule. 

Overuse and fatigue also leads to improper biomechanics, altering the way your body functions; which leads to finding yourself in a position of weakness at a critical moment. Use Marc Pro regularly and chase your goals feeling fresh, strong and confident. 

Do More. Live Better.

Marc Pro was created out of 30 years of electronic stimulation device experience and research to bring professional-grade muscle recovery and pain relief to any athlete who needs it. Today, Marc Pro is best known for improving athletic performance for professional and competitive athletes, but its ability to make a real impact on muscle recovery makes it an essential addition to anyone’s wellness routine. 

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